Habits of an Optimist

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Welcome to the Habits of an Optimist Course

Course Duration: 50 minutes

What if optimism could be learnt?

Learning to think optimistically could help us experience life in a more positive and uplifting way.

Experts claim that the real difference between optimists and pessimists isn’t in their level of happiness or in how they perceive a situation, but in how they cope.

“Choose optimism, it feels better.”

We encourage you to go through this course with an open mind, focusing on the modules that make the most sense to you.

Which habit will help you be that little bit more optimistic?

Course Narrators featuring:

Each module will include:

  • Habits of an Optimist video
  • Additional resources – the additional resources are made up of podcasts, books and videos relevant to the habit and will allow you to explore the topic in more depth. These are optional items that are there to support your learning.
  • Module Activity – once you complete the module activity, your responses will be sent to you in an email. We encourage you to use these responses as a resource.

What to do:

  • Work through each module in visual order
  • Watch the video(s), complete the activity and explore the additional resources

As with all learning, take what you need and leave what you don’t.
Things will emerge as you need them, and you can access them as needed.

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John Arthur John Arthur
Posted 3 months ago
we can all learn from exercises like this

Undertaking this exercise stimulates the thinking and engenders a positive energy. It makes one think about what we are doing every day and how we are influencing others. It is important to take on board what you can handle and just do it.

Kudzie Kudzie
Posted 8 months ago
Time & Content

Thank you to every soul who has put in an inordinate amount of work to inject hope & change many many lives & livelihoods. What a legacy 🔥

Kim Exell Kim Exell
Posted 10 months ago
Eye Opening

It's so easy to get caught up in the gloom and doom but this course gives you a sense of what you can achieve and how you can free yourself from negativity

Ravza Ravza
Posted 10 months ago

I am very happy that I found this course by chance, I am grateful to you!!! I would love for the non-English speaking community to be able to join...

Marie Marie
Posted 12 months ago
Converted optimist

What a great way to bring some more optimism and positivity into my life! A great course to teach or reinforce habits and practices that anyone can introduce into their lives to be happier and more optimistic (And it's FREE!). Thanks to the Centre for Optimism for spreading the positivity!

Anne Anne
Posted 1 year ago
Excellent, well spend 1 hour!!! highly recommended

I did not know there was a training on optimism (-; this is well done, clear, very actionable, I loved all the modules

Barbara Bates Barbara Bates
Posted 1 year ago
Deceptivy simple and very inspiring

Lots of research based habits to get into to improve your life with optimism. You can do the course in about an hour and then over time come back and look at the many resources provided.

Amanda Noz Amanda Noz
Posted 1 year ago
A lovely way to dip into optimism

This is a great course made up of 14 different optimism habits and related resources. Easy to consume with an animated video for each habit, insightful questions and interesting narrations. In particular, it is helpful to pick one or two habits that appeal and try that. You can dip in and out as needed or repeat a module for a refresher whenever you want.

Carmel Brown Carmel Brown
Posted 1 year ago
Habits of an Optimist

I found this course to be very informative, not only through the information provided but I also thoroughly enjoyed how it was delivered - through animation. It made the learning so much more fun, and kept me more engaged. Thank you for all of the hints, tips, ideas, advice and the hidden gems I have also taken away with me. Keep up the great work! It is positively optimistic and contagious 🙂

Sandra Busch Sandra Busch
Posted 1 year ago
Thank you

Thank you for raising the different areas to be conscious of when trying to improve ones level of optimism and positivity, which is very helpful when one is trying to improve ones own life and make a positive contribution to our community.

Mark Allen Mark Allen
Posted 1 year ago
Optimism - An Overview

This course was fantastic! It was well presented and easy to understand. It was fun and with great meaningful content. Thank you so much! I will be practicing some of the tips I learned along the way.

BryanMWallace BryanMWallace
Posted 2 years ago
Highly Recommend!

The best hour you will spend today!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!